ABA Services

The ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) department at Professional Therapy Associates and the services it offers to support children's development and behavior. ABA therapy is a valuable approach for individuals with various needs, including those on the autism spectrum and others who can benefit from behavior modification techniques. Here's some additional information about the ABA department's offerings:


Team of BCBA Oversight: Having a team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) overseeing the ABA department ensures that the therapy provided is evidence-based and tailored to each child's unique needs. BCBAs are trained professionals who specialize in behavior analysis.

Trained RBTs and ABA Therapists: Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) and ABA Therapists play a crucial role in delivering ABA therapy. Their training and mentorship program ensure that they can effectively implement behavior intervention plans and strategies.

Scope of Skills Taught: ABA therapy covers a wide range of skills, and you've listed some of the key areas addressed by your team, including communication, social skills, self-help skills for hygiene, emotional regulation, and daily living/independent living skills. This comprehensive approach can help children develop functional skills essential for daily life.

Positive Reinforcement: ABA therapy emphasizes positive reinforcement techniques to encourage and increase appropriate behaviors. This positive approach helps children learn and maintain desired behaviors over time.

Skill Acquisition: ABA therapy helps children learn new skills and retain them over time. This is important for their development and independence.

Generalization: ABA therapy aims to teach positive behaviors in various situations and environments, ensuring that children can apply what they've learned in different contexts.

Behavior Reduction: ABA therapy also addresses interfering behaviors, such as repetitive movements or self-injury, by developing strategies to reduce and manage these behaviors effectively.


Some skills taught in ABA therapy include, but are not limited to:

ABA Can Also Help Your Child:

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