Professional Therapy Associates is a valuable resource for children who experience challenges related to eating and swallowing. Feeding therapy can be crucial for addressing issues related to food aversions, sensory sensitivities, and dysphagia. Here are some key points about the feeding therapy services we offer:

Licensed Providers: Feeding therapy services are provided by licensed professionals, such as Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists. These professionals have the expertise to assess and address a wide range of feeding and swallowing difficulties.

Targeted Concerns: Feeding therapy is designed to help children with various concerns related to food, including trying new foods with different textures, temperatures, and consistencies. It's also beneficial for children diagnosed with dysphagia who have been cleared to safely eat orally.

Concurrent Services: The flexibility to provide feeding therapy concurrently with ABA services, when needed, demonstrates a holistic approach to addressing multiple areas of a child's development. This integrated approach can be especially beneficial for children with complex needs.


Feeding therapy can significantly improve a child's quality of life and overall health by addressing feeding challenges that may contribute to nutritional deficiencies or mealtime stress.  For more information or to sign up for Feeding Therapy Services in our Brick, Robbinsville, or Toms River offices, please contact us today at 732-701-3711 where one of our Patient Care Coordinators will happily assist you!