Speech Therapy

The Speech and Language department at Professional Therapy Associates offers a comprehensive range of services by our team of licensed Speech-Language Pathologists. Speech and language therapy is vital for individuals who may experience communication or feeding difficulties.

Below are some common areas that our team of SLPs can address:

Articulation/Phonological Processes: Speech-language pathologists work with individuals to help them produce speech sounds correctly. This includes addressing articulation errors and phonological processes that may affect speech intelligibility.


Voice: Speech-language pathologists address voice disorders, which can manifest as difficulties in regulating pitch, tone, volume, or other qualities of the voice. Therapy aims to improve vocal quality and function.

Feeding/Swallowing: Individuals who struggle with feeding and swallowing difficulties, such as trying new foods with different textures, temperatures, consistencies, or avoiding certain food groups, can benefit from speech-language therapy. Therapy helps improve safe and effective swallowing.

Fluency: Stuttering is a fluency disorder that speech-language pathologists address. They work with individuals to improve fluency and reduce stuttering behavior.

AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication): For individuals who have difficulty with verbal communication, speech-language pathologists can provide AAC solutions. This may include low-tech options like communication boards or high-tech devices that facilitate communication for non-verbal individuals.

The services provided by our Speech and Language department are essential for improving communication skills, enhancing quality of life, and addressing challenges related to speech, language, voice, and swallowing.

For more information or to sign up for Speech or Language Services in our Brick, Robbinsville, or Toms River offices, please contact us today at 732-701-3711 where one of our Patient Care Coordinators will happily assist you!