Speech Therapy

The Speech and Language department at Professional Therapy Associates uses standardized and functional tools to assess, diagnose, and treat speech and language disorders as well as swallowing and feeding difficulties. The following areas are commonly addressed by our team of licensed Speech Language Pathologists:

Articulation/Phonological Processes -Producing Speech Sounds Correctly

Language -

Voice - Difficulty in Regulating the Pitch, Tone, Volume, or Other Qualities of the Voice

Feeding/Swallowing - Difficulty in Trying New Foods of Different Textures, Temperatures, Consistencies, etc.,
and/or Eating Certain Food Groups in General

Fluency - Stuttering

AAC - Using a Device (Low or High Tech) to Communicate

For more information or to sign up for Speech or Language Services in our Brick, Robbinsville, or Toms River offices, please contact us today at 732-701-3711 where one of our Patient Care Coordinators will happily assist you!